5 Unmistakable Signs That You Need to Undergo an Eye Examination – Eyes are the window of the soul

Eyesight problems usually develop slowly and the individual may not be aware that their eyes are developing a problem. However, there are signs that you can base on to suspect that you are developing a vision problem. This article discusses some of those signs.

Frequent Headaches

Frequent headaches can be an advance warning that you are developing eyesight problems. If the headaches come when you have been doing close vision work such as reading, take that as a sign that your eyes are no longer working, as they should. Go and have your eyes examined so that the problem is identified and treated.

Any Change in the Appearance of Your Eyes

If you notice that your eyes have become red or the part that has always been white has changed to yellow, seek medical help from an ophthalmologist or any other eye specialist. This is because that change you are observing may be caused by an eye infection that can destroy your eyesight if it is left untreated.

Light Sensitivity

If you suddenly become sensitive to light (such as walking with your eyes fixed on the ground because you can’t stand the brightness of the sun), go for an eye examination to establish what has caused that sensitivity. It could be that you are developing photophobia and a prescription can clear it before it gets worse.

Blurred Vision

If you start noticing that you have problems focusing or that your vision is being blurred, schedule an eye examination with your ophthalmologist or optometrist. This will help to identify what could be causing your vision to become blurred. Possible causes may include the development of cataracts or hyperglycemia (excessive levels of glucose in your blood). An appropriate remedy will then be prescribed so that your vision can return to normal.

Eye Strain or Pain

Have an eye examination done if you experience eyestrain or pain for several days. This is because that pain or strain may be an indicator of an eye infection or you need glasses in order to see without straining your eyes. See an eye specialist so that the problem is rectified.

Your eyes are some of the most important organs on your body so you should take immediate action when you suspect that something is wrong with them. This will save you from sustaining irreparable damage to the eyes or giving the problem a chance to rapidly progress. If you observe any of the signs above, rush and have an eye examination done (at places like Bay Optical) so that the findings guide you as to what you should do.

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